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With the principle "quality in yarn, speed in service" and continuous investment in R&D and product development, customer-centered services are provided.


There are dyehouses where knitwear yarns can be dyed for hanks and bobbins, short fiber and long fiber production facilities, as well as yarn production plants that can produce fancy and crochet yarns. As a production range, knitwear yarns can be knitted in "3gg" and 14gg" machine ranges.


The main product groups of knitwear yarns are;


Coloured and melanged Viscose blended PBT group yarns

Coloured and melange Viscose Acrylic yarns

Colored and melange Cotton Acrylic yarns

Corespun Yarns in Various Mixtures of colour and melange

Beard yarns

Ribbon and Lase yarns

Twisted / Coated yarns

Crochet yarns 

Chenille yarns

IMG_7470 (2).JPG
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