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Ulusoy Tekstil/ Chenille has been established since 1986 Turkey, a known textile region in the Mediterranean Coast of Turkey which has the reputation of `the land of cotton`. Ulusoy Tekstil manufactures in Adana Hacı Sabancı Organized Industrial Zone and Osmaniye Organized Industrial Zone with 180,000 square meters of outdoor and 90,000 square meters of indoor space. Ulusoy Tekstil is a fully integrated textile establishment that includes modern yarn production facilities and dyehouse units. It is one of Europe's largest fancy yarn producers, with 900 employees and more than 1000 tons of yarn produced a month. 

Ulusoy Tekstil produces high quality products at world standards with its conscious commitment toward the environment.It sources the raw materials and dyes used by leading international companies in the sector.In addition to following technological developments, its production line is updated accordingly. 

Ulusoy Tekstil provides its domestic and international customers with a rich selection of products. 

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