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Kumaş Detay

Turkey's first manufacturer of “Chenille Yarn”, Ulusoy Textile was established in 1986. With its manufacturing capacity, product variety, quality understanding and experience, it is among the largest chenille and fancy yarn manufacturers in the world.


Within the Home Textile group, upholstery fabric, curtain fabric, and brode manufacturers are served with broad distribution. Providing a rich product range, Ulusoy Textile manufactures chenille yarn between Nm 0.5 and Nm 8. 


Chenille yarns made from Viscose, Cotton, Viscose/ Cotton, Acrylic, Polyester fibers and blends are dyed as Hank dyeing and Bobbin dyeing, as well as Fiber dyed Acrylic and micro filament Polyester dyed with special dyes. Further, raw yarn specially wrapped in a manner that enables it to be dyed is also offered.


Ulusoy Tekstil, which made significant investments in polypropylene multifilament yarns (PP CF) and polypropylene air-textured yarns in 2014, aimed to be one of the leading companies in the sector.

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