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Integrated Management Systems Policy

By prioritizing environmentally friendly and sustainable production at all stages of our production, management and operation;
and environmental systems, meeting the needs and expectations of its customers and the market.
focusing on continuous improvement as a principle and being aware of its social responsibilities;
• With the efforts of its employees and the support of the management, the quality of the product produced is at international standards.
to develop and respond to customer requests in a timely and reliable manner with continuous improvement.
• Being a leader in the sector by prioritizing customer satisfaction,
To provide reviews and improvements in order to work effectively and sustainably
• By allocating the necessary resources for the competence and competence of its employees, they meet their needs in career planning.
to provide complete education opportunities and compulsory education within the legal framework, by determining
• By working in line with our goals and objectives, integrated management systems risk
to fulfill and follow-up the necessary compliance obligations by making
• Keeping the environmental effects under control against air, water, soil and other receiving environments, pollution
primarily to prevent at the source, to protect the natural environment in production processes and to protect natural resources.
efficient use by minimizing consumption
• All our employees, incoming visitors, suppliers, auditors, customers and all those we are in contact with.
By raising the awareness of companies on environmental and occupational health and safety issues, they comply with the OHS regulations in force.
and to take all kinds of precautions in accordance with other requirements related to OHS, equipment and Personal Protective
To keep the equipment (PPE) and to ensure that it is used when necessary
• Creating emergency procedures according to our risks and requirements and updating them regularly.
• By continuously increasing our OHS and environmental performance; occupational accidents, occupational diseases, environmental damages, and
To establish an integrated management system that prevents nonconformities and to continuously improve

Considering the present and the future, our factory makes environmentally friendly production for our country and the world,
To continuously develop our business in line with the above-mentioned principles and in the light of necessary legal obligations,
We are committed to improving, complying with the customer and other conditions


   With the increasing population, industrialization rate and living standards, the demand for energy is also increasing. Parallel to this situation, it has become necessary to ensure efficient use of energy, saving and minimizing the loss of primary energy resources.

  Our company, which operates in the field of fantasy yarn production, is aware that sustainable growth is possible as long as we keep sustainable energy principles alive. In our growth areas, which we have realized on these foundations, our main goal has been to protect natural resources and to save energy by using the right technologies.

    ULUSOY TEKSTİL SAN. TRADE. Inc. in line with the strategy of our organization;

      *Efficient use of energy, raw materials and natural resources in our products and all our processes,

      *Preferring energy-efficient products, efficient technologies and practices in production and all our processes,

      *We will comply with internal and external legal requirements in energy efficiency, energy use and energy consumption,

      *We will ensure continuous improvement without compromising production and quality,

      *Taking the necessary measures to reduce and eliminate the negative environmental impacts of our activities,

      *We will ensure that designs that support energy efficiency are created and this issue is supported,

      *Leaving a livable world for our future generations by taking the necessary precautions about greenhouse gas and global warming and following sustainable policies ,

      *We are committed to raising awareness of our employees, stakeholders, society and the entire value chain on resource efficiency and energy efficiency.

We are committed.

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